We are an 100% Organic, Healthy Cafe in Morningside Road, Edinburgh. 

Organic Delicious Cafe - Green Ethos

We are deeply passionate about Organic living, and the impact that this has on your overall health. We believe that food should be grown and sourced in an ethical, clean and positive manner which supports our environment. All our dairy produce (milk & cheeses) are also sourced as ethically as possible and are all Organic! We love knowing that we can offer the freshest organic produce and exploring the endless benefits of how organic living can positively impact your well being and vitality. We love people, animals and our beautiful and diverse wildlife. We are excited to share in this journey with you, therefore in the word of the Organic Delicious team... Lets do this together!

Organic Delicious Cafe - Our commitment to the Planet

Our commitments are also with our wonderful planet. All our takeaway options (cups, napkins, cutlery etc) are compostable. You can put them in your food recycle bin. The hand washes & lotions in our toilet are organic & eco friendly as well as all our cleaning products. We have organic nappies for the little ones (free of charge) and use recycled toilet paper, even the refurbishment & construction of our cafe was was conducted using re-used materials!